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2020 Airstream Basecamp being pulled by red pickup through forested road

How Much Does an Airstream Weigh?

Looking to buy an Airstream but you’re not sure how much the model you are looking for weighs? It’s important to know how much your Airstream weighs so you can find the right truck to pull it and everything else inside, including full water tanks. Continue reading for the weights of the most popular models at Airstream of Scottsdale.

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New Airstream trailer lets you bring your favorite people along for the ride

How many people can sleep in the 2019 Airstream Tommy Bahama?

Airstream has all but invented the idea of traveling around the country and sleeping in a tow-behind trailer. For the current model year, the manufacturer has teamed up with one of the premier brands in leisure, Tommy Bahama to make a special edition travel trailer. The partnership has produced a well-equipped, comfortable and stylish product that will make trips seem like the owner is towing their beach house. With such a special experience available, it’s only natural that the trailer’s owners will want to bring as many people with them as possible. So, how many people can sleep in the 2019 Airstream Tommy Bahama? Airstream of Scottsdale currently has both of the trailer’s floor plans available at its facility and both of them can comfortably accommodate up to four people, though there is an option to fit a fifth person. Read the rest of this entry >>