2019 Airstream Tommy Bahama® Trailer in Scottsdale, AZ

Airstream travel trailers have revolutionized the way people explore our vast and beautiful country. The 2019 Airstream Tommy Bahama® trailer in Scottsdale, AZ offers the kind features, functionality and style that has made the manufacturer famous in the first place. The Tommy Bahama® version of the Airstream travel trailer adds a clear Caribbean flavor to its interior, including the world-famous white tropical leaf graphics that adorn the walls and other surfaces.

When the 2019 Airstream Tommy Bahama® trailer is looked at in its entirety, future owners will be able to take their beach house with them anywhere they want to visit. Anyone interested in taking a closer look at this special model of travel can schedule an appointment today by calling, 480-467-3737. 

Standard and available features

By partnering with the Tommy Bahama® brand, Airstream has built one of its newest trailers to provide a unique experience. From its polished wood shutters to its nautically-themed woven flooring, passengers will instantly know that they are on vacation. Beyond just looking good, the 2019 Airstream Tommy Bahama® is also more than functional and will allow people to live comfortably during their travels.

A liquid propane gas oven and an available convection microwave oven will allow people to cook their favorite meals on the road.

Additionally, buyers will be able to choose between two floor plans (19CB and 27FB) to tailor their new Airstream trailer to best first their needs and lifestyle. Both versions of the Tommy Bahama® Special Edition will be able to sleep up to four people comfortably.

What's the difference?

The major differences between the 19CB and 27FB models are the physical dimensions of the two versions. Each one is very capable and spacious, but the 27FB is wider, can tow a heavier trailer and has larger tanks for fresh and gray water.

Finally, both models are cable and satellite TV compatible. 

The 2019 Airstream Tommy Bahama parked on the beach.
An interior photo of the living space in the 2019 Airstream Tommy Bahama.
A photo of the bar inside the 2019 Airsteam Tommy Bahama.
A photo of the master bedroom in the 2019 Airstream Tommy Bahama.