2020 Airstream Basecamp Scottsdale AZ

Are you searching for a new small travel trailer that offers great features inside and out? If so, then you have a few great options available for you to explore. However, one of the very best small travel trailers currently available on the market is the 2020 Airstream Basecamp. Customers here in the Scottsdale, AZ area can explore the 2020 Airstream Basecamp for themselves right here at Airstream of Scottsdale today!


The 2020 Airstream Basecamp offers a number of great aspects that customers are sure to love. While the travel trailer is classified as small, the interior certainly does not feel that way. The interior design of this travel trailer makes it feel much larger than it actually is. Additionally, the 2020 Airstream Basecamp offers a number of other features that offer innovative storage to make the travel trailer feel much more comfortable than some of its competitors. Let’s explore some of the best aspects and features of the 2020 Airstream Basecamp together!

Trailer Specifications

Exterior Features

Interior Features

Length: 16 Feet 3 Inches Panoramic Front Windows Two Pop-Up Charging Stations
Width: 7 Feet 0 Inches 26” x 46” Rear Hatch Two-Burner Gas Stove
Trailer Capacity: 3,500 Pounds Door Screens for Both Doors Fully-Electric Refrigerator
Sleeping Capacity: 2 Adults Pre-Wired for Solar Panels In-Bench Storage Space


Get a 2020 Airstream Basecamp at Airstream of Scottsdale

The table above highlights the key trailer specifications and features available inside and outside of the 2020 Airstream Basecamp. As you can see, the 2020 Airstream Basecamp offers a very good capacity when you take into account its exterior measurements. Additionally, the table shows that the 2020 Airstream Basecamp offers a number of great features that help it to stand out from other similarly sized travel trailers. In addition to the great features highlighted in the table above, the 2020 Airstream Basecamp also offers a number of other great available amenities as well! Some of the key amenities available on the 2020 Airstream Basecamp include:


  • Removable Dinette Tables
  • Outdoor Shower Capabilities
  • Flexible Bench Configurations
  • Attachable Side and Rear Tents
  • Air Conditioning with Two-Speed Fan
  • Trauma Combi Eco Plus Heating System

If you would like to learn more about all the great features and aspects of the 2020 Airstream Basecamp for yourself, then you should contact the excellent staff here at Airstream of Scottsdale in Scottsdale, AZ today!