2020 Airstream Basecamp X being towed by red pickup truck over bridge

2020 Airstream Basecamp X in Scottsdale, AZ

If you’ve heard of the 2020 Airstream Basecamp, you’ve probably heard about the 2020 Airstream Basecamp X as well. But what does the X stand for, and what difference does it make to get this version over the regular Basecamp so many already know and love? The short answer is that there isn’t much of a difference depending on the way you look at it. Inside, the two versions of the Basecamp are identical.

For the person driving, the Basecamp X is better equipped to be pulled in difficult weather or flawed roads because it sits on a more rugged pair of wheels. The following chart shows some interior and exterior measurements and features of the Basecamp X.

Exterior Measurements  Interior Measurements  Interior Features 
16 Foot, 3 Inch Length  6 Foot, 4.5 Inch Width  Available Microwave 
7 Foot Width  6 Foot, 3.5 Inch Height with A/C  2-Person Sleeping Space 
9 Foot Height with A/C  22 Gallon Fresh Water Tank  Seamless Vinyl Flooring 
8 Foot, 10.75 Inch Height without A/C  29 Gallon Combined Gray/Black Water Tank  Probeless Tank Monitoring System 


2020 Airstream Basecamp camping shot with solar panels and camp gear
2020 Airstream Basecamp interior shot of appliances taken at back facing font
2020 Airstream Basecamp view of back door open with dog sitting in doorway

Differences Between Basecamp and Basecamp X 

In terms of the measurements above, the Basecamp X is taller than the regular Basecamp, with or without the air conditioning unit. The Basecamp X put a little more pressure on the hitch, with a hitch weight of 435 with LP and Batteries. That’s 25 more lbs. on the hitch weight than the regular Basecamp. Below is a list of features that are either exclusive to or are made standard on the X version of the Basecamp. 


  • 3-inch lift kit for added ground clearance. 
  • Goodyear® 235/75R15 wrangler tires, balanced 
  • Solar front window protection 
  • Stainless-steel front stone guard protection 

Overall, the two travel trailers aren’t totally different. From inside the trailer, people will hardly notice the difference, but the driver will be thankful for the improved trailer handling. The biggest visual change is going from the 3M® film front stone guard the stainless-steel front stone guard on the X.  

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