2020 Nest by Airstream™ vs. 2020 Airstream Basecamp

A 2020 Nest by Airstream compared to a 2020 Airstream Basecamp.

Ready to start your outdoor adventure with Airstream? Our model lineup features classic models that fit any modern camping situation. This is especially true in our smaller models, such as the 2020 Nest by Airstream™ and 2020 Airstream Basecamp. Though similarly priced, both two-person travel trailers are a great option for those wanting an affordable Airstream option. Which model fits your camping lifestyle? Airstream of Scottsdale provides a comparison, below.

2020 Nest by Airstream™


2020 Airstream Basecamp

$45,900 Base MSRP $37,400
16’7” Length 16’3”
7’1” Width 7’
4,000 lbs Trailer Capacity 3,500 lbs.
22 Gallons Fresh Water Tank Capacity 22 Gallons
500 lbs. Maximum Payload 865 lbs.


When it comes to overall size, each Airstream option has unique specifications to set it apart.  Airstream Nest models receive more space due to their longer length and width. Basecamp models are slightly narrower and smaller but allow for more payload capacity for all those items you plan to stash on-board. This is due to the model’s overall weight, as its Unit Base Weight is just 2,635 lbs. compared to the Nest model’s 3,300 lbs.

An Overview of the 2020 Nest by Airstream™

Inside a 2020 Nest by Airstream™, you can find two available floor plans. It adds a 58-inch by 80-inch Queen size bed in either the front or as a U-Dinette Option. Overall, the Nest by Airstream™ offers a classic interior that’s a major hit with those who want a clean, modern design. This is also paired with a unique fiberglass exterior not always seen in classic Airstream models for that unique look. It’s a great choice ideal for campgrounds and other organized spaces.


An Overview of the 2020 Airstream Basecamp

Meanwhile, the Airstream Basecamp provides a more rugged model due to the storing capabilities and unique outdoor features. Though smaller, it adds two layouts that include a 38-inch by 76-inch Half-Bed Option or a Complete 76-inch by 76-inch Bed Option. Its X-trim provided higher ceilings up to 10.75 feet and has a modern interior finish with various multi-purpose spaces to make it a truly versatile feeling.

Between the 2020 Nest by Airstream™and Basecamp models, those interested can always find the ideal fit for a perfect camping scenario. Based on what you prioritize, both models are phenomenal options for camping. Stop into Airstream of Scottsdale to find the perfect model Airstream for you.

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